Land of heroes in times of national organization
The fields where Estancia La Oriental is located, belonged to the coronel’s Federico Rauch and Manuel Dorrego. When they both died without descendents, one of them in battle and the other by order of the general Juan Lavalle, the lands passes to the hands of the Province of Buenos Aires.

In 1869 the governor Adolfo Alsina returns the lands to private hands, and they are bought by Don Justo Saavedra, who in 1880 starts building the original main house of La Oriental, surrounded by a beautiful garden and forest extending over 5 acres.
By 1892 La Oriental was one the most famous haras of the country. La Oriental horses competed in Palermo with the colors pink and white.

By the end of last century, Don Justo del Carmen Saavedra, a “bon vivant”, repairs the main house creating an exclusive atmosphere.
Since then, La Oriental became one of the most important Estancia’s in the province of Buenos Aires.

Years later, La Oriental was bought by Doña María Teresa Jacobe de Torello, grandmother of the actual owners Rafael Torello y Estela Ocampo de Torello.